Movie Review: Ratatouille

What if a rat starts cooking? And the foods are not for other rats rather for human? The work is impossible in reality but not in anime films and it’s been done only for your recreation.

Animation or anime movies are the pure source of entertainment containing some messages for the viewers. The history of animation filmmaking is old and every year newer and funnier animations are being made around the world, even in our neighboring country India and they achieve lots of recognition and popularity among the viewers. Ratatouille is an anime released in 2007. The IMDb rating represents is popularity as it stands on 8.2/10 from 107,605 votes! The word ‘Ratatouille’ refers to a French dish that is very famous for its fancy taste and the movie follows a rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a chef and tries to achieve his goal with the help of Linguini who is a human.

Remy lives in the attic of a French country home with his brother Emile with a pack that is led by his father Django. He got keen sense of smell and taste that he uses to select and enjoy food. One day he discovers real food and the cooking of a five star chef named Anton Gusteau who has already written a book titled “Anyone can cook”. This encourages Remy to cook food, so he enters a kitchen of a restaurant and finds Linguini cooking a soup with random ingredients. Remy attempts to correct the food and succeed although he is caught by Linguini. However, there exists a villain named Skinner who doesn’t like Linguini at all and tries to fire him from the job.

In the intervening, Remy and Linguini becomes friends and Remy starts helping Linguini cooking delicious foods hiding under the cap. Skinner throws newer challenges to Linguini but with the help of Remy, he overcomes all. Being suspicious, Skinner tries to discover the secret and finds out that Linguini is Gusteau’s son and the owner of this restaurant according to the will of late Gusteau. So attempts are taken to hide the fact, but Remy discovers Skinner’s documents and retrieves them, brings to Linguini. Understanding the evil activities of Skinner, Linguini fires Skinner from the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Remy feeds his brother Emile who later brings the whole pack to the restaurant, but it brings danger to the restaurant as it is not hygienic. Linguini catches all the rats who are stealing foods from the restaurant and chases them all out, including Remy. But it was not a suitable time for doing this because Anton Ego, a food critic, is revisiting the restaurant the next day. And the entire cook leaves Linguini knowing the secret of his delicious cooking. Now what will Linguini do without the help of Remy?

The movie Ratatouille is produced by Pixar, who have already gained recognition for making extraordinary and genius anime films. Hundreds of animators worked hard to make “Ratatouille” and this does not go in vain. In France, the film broke the record for the biggest debut for an animated film. Ratatouille was nominated for five Oscars including Best Animated Feature Film that it won. Under the skilled direction of Brad Bird, it achieves its place in the best top ten animation films ever made.

So, why wait. Lets find “Ratatouille” and enjoy the ‘delicious’ anime.

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