Movie Review: Nim’s Island

What is the difference between reading a book and watching a film with the same story? You may detect many points but I bet, you can’t deny at all if I say, you make the film when you read a book while a one filmmaker makes the film when you watch it. We use our limitless imagination power while reading a story full of thrills, suspense, adventures and actions. Just think of your early ages when you read the adventures of Robin Hood, Three Musketeers or even our Tin Goenda, I am sure, all the adventures took place around your study place!

Nim’s Island brings the story nothing different from your early age experiences. Nim is an 11 year old, who has lost her mother in early ages, lives with his marine biologist father in a beautiful uncharted island in the South Pacific. Jack Rusoe, her father, studies about microscopic marine organisms and goes by boat on a two-day scientific mission to find a new species of plankton.

Nim stays alone in the island with her local friends: Selki the sea lion, Fred the bearded dragon, Chica the turtle, and Galileo the pelican and her favorite hero, books on the adventures of Alex Rover! While her father is away, Nim finds an email addressed to her father Jack by Alex Rover, the great explorer! Alex had an inquiry about Jack’s field of knowledge; however, in the absence of her father, Nim continued the conversation acting as his assistant. She even goes to the volcano to collect information for Alex Rover and risks life.

All goes well until a huge storm hits the island and Jack becomes lost at sea. Nim used to communicate through satellite phone but it becomes impossible to communicate because Jack’s ship was damaged severely due to the storm. So Nim becomes worried and asks help from her favorite adventurer Alex to get her father back! But the reality was brutal!

It was not Alex Rover that Nim thinks over rather the writer Alexendra Rover, a funny woman suffering from agoraphobia (a mental disease) and never leaves the house or even opens the door. In the meantime, some tourists visit the island, taken by Nim as pirates! Now the assist of Alex Rover to rescue Nim from the pirates becomes emergency!

The charming character Nim is starred by Abigail Breslin who already becomes a familiar face to the movie watchers. With her extraordinary activities, she presents her acceptable to all. The writer Alexandra Rover is starred by renowned actress Jodie Foster and Gerurd Buter was the Alex Rover. After releasing in April 2008, the movie gets much applause from the movie lovers. I bet, you may become disappointed if you miss it!

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