Movie Review: Blood Diamond

Children, the nation builders, are strongly prohibited to join any types of the army, according to the International human rights law and other national and international laws, whether government or rebel. Instead, more than 200000 children have been involved in military campaigns, even in the armed conflicts around the world. The movie Blood Diamond depicts the story of child soldiers of Africa, although the main focus is illegal diamond business. Released in 2006 and starred by Leonardo Di Caprio, the great hero of Titanic, The Departed and many others, Blood Diamond received positive comments from the film lovers and critics. Likewise the title, the movie follows the blood diamonds mined in Africa war zones and sold to finance to the conflicts and profit the warlords and the diamond companies across the world.

It is the beginning of the story when Solomon Vandy, a fisherman who dreams that his son Dia will become a doctor, has been kidnapped by the rebels to work in the diamond mines. While working, he got a huge pink diamond, hid that but noticed by the psycho leader. However, the rebels are attacked by the government army and Solomon is arrested by them. Hence appears Danny Archer (Di Caprio), a mercenary smuggler, from Zimbabwe, released Solomon and proposed to exchange the diamond by his missing family. They found Solomon’s wife in a refugee camp but got to know that Dia had been recruited by the rebels.

Director Edward Zwick revealed the scenario of the child soldiers through Dia, who becomes the hardened killer due to the brainwashing and using drugs. The story creates tension in every sequences, enchants the viewers to see what’s next.

Filmed in various locations of Africa, the movie nominated for Academy Awards in five categories including the Best Actor but failed to achieve any. Also Djimon Hounsou (Solomon) was nominated for the best supporting actor for his extraordinary acting.

Although there are some scenes of strong violence, the 143 minute movie is a must see.

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