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Know TinTin?

Know TinTin? Yes, I am talking about Tintin, that very investigative young man with a round face and red hair who roams about America-Kongo-Tibet with dangerous and impossible missions, even to the moon; runs after the criminals from the hills to the deserts to the deep ocean and who solves hardest to solve mysteries in a second with his witty knowledge. Over decades, TinTin has earned the love and affection of billions of readers around the globe and it’s re-appearing once again to the fans and this time, this time in the silver screen of cinema and the men behind Tintin’s appearance are Steven Spilbergh and Peter Jackson who are very familiar for their movies Jurasik Park and King Kong respectively.

TinTin was born in Belgium; the creator was Georges Rémi, mostly known as Herge. The first book of this adventure series comics was released in the year 1929, in French language. A total of 24 books of this series had been released up to the year 1986 and the popularity expands beyond the borders. Millions of copies has been published in more than 80 different languages around the world ; films and dramas have been directed based on the stories. The great job of translating the comics into Bengali was done by a publishing firm of Koklaka named Anand Publishers. Like any translation, some changes has been noticed like the name of the dog ‘snowy’ becomes ‘Kuttus’ in Bangla. However, this doesn’t reduce the entertainment at all rather increases several times due to the easy and understandable language and thus, the readers associate the great adventurous Tintin, Kuttus, Captain Haddock, twin detectives Jhonson and Ronson, Professor Calculus and others.

Three books of the series named The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Reckham’s Tresure are turned into one movie – ‘The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn’. In the movie, the story includes the introduction of Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus with Tintin and the adventurous searching of the treasures of Captain’s forefather Franscis Haddock. This is not the first cinema based on the story of TinTin and his adventures rather the first one was made on the year 1947. Interestingly, that movie was also made based on the book The Crab with the Golden Claws but that was a stop motion puppet film. Live action films were also made and the TV series shouldn’t be neglected. After many years, what the new movie will bring to the TinTin?

The movie ‘The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn’ is being made using 3D technology that will make the movie more live and realistic. Steven Spilbergh who has been famous for the movies like E.T – The Extra Terrestrial and Jurasik Park wished to direct this movie in live action where the characters will be acted by live human, Spiderman is a good example of this type movies. However, another renowned director Peter Jackson who directed King Kong and Lord of the Rings who is the producer of the TinTin moive contradicted with the idea. Animated film will best serve to make TinTin acceptable to the viewers, he argued, and advised Spilbergh to use motion capture for filming. Motion Capture is such a technology where live action performances are recorded into 2D or 3D animated format. The Polar Express starred by Tom Hanks is such a movie released three years ago. Although TinTin is Spilbergh’s first animation film, he understood the point and decided to direct using motion capture.

Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis starred as TinTin and Captain Haddock respectively. Although Jmie Bell is not much familiar, Andy Serkis is been famous for his character ‘Gullam’ in the Lord of the Rings films and obviously, the Gullam character was also created using motion capture technology. Present ‘James Bond’ Daniel Craig starred as the pirate’s leader Red Rackham. Peter Jackson wrote a facebook note last month where he praised Spilbergh’s activities. This friendly relationship is important because a sequel of TinTin whose pre-production is going on will be made and both Spilbergh and Peter will direct that movie.

This most discussed and hype creating movie will be released at the end of this year, probably in the first week of November. It won’t be considered over-expectation if the movie turns to be historical. So why wait, take preparation to associate TinTin in the dangerous but adventurous missions right now.

(Writer is an MBA student of the University of Dhaka)

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