Who wins the Oscar of 2008?

The most desirable award for the film professionals around the world is Academy Award, commonly known as Oscar. Oscar is given to the film professionals including directors, actors, actresses, writers as well as the best picture of the year for their excellence in film industry. Usually, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) awards the most successful film professionals with a gold plated Knight holding a crusader’s sword.

This most prominent film award, Academy Awards, for 2008 will be given on the next 22nd February, 2009. The movie critics around the world have already caste their valuable votes to select the best picture and film professionals. Although it is not known yet, there are some predictions about the best picture. Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, Milk, The curious case of Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon are the most predicted ones.

The Dark Knight

The most successful movie of 2008 that earns positive review from the 94% of the world critics is The Dark Knight, made on the comic hero Batman under the direction of Christopher Nolan. The movie earns the attention of the moviegoers not for this comic character rather for the humanly presentation of Batman who uses nothing but technology as his extraordinary power.

Batman, with help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, continued his war on crime. They set plans to dismantle the remaining criminals around the Gotham City. But very soon they find themselves as the prey of Joker, a well known mastermind psychopathic criminal. The grin, laughter, and inhuman morality make him more dangerous than expectation. So it is the main agenda of Batman to stop this cruel Joker at any cost. The great actor Heath Ledger acted as Joker but died soon after the production of the film. But his acting as Joker makes him alive forever.

Slumdog Millionaire

This successful movie has already won the Gold Derby Film Award as the best picture. Directed by Danny Boyle, this movie sets the story on this subcontinent, India. It depicts the story of a impoverished teen named Jamal Malik who participated in a contest titled “Who wants to be a millionaire?” but been accused of cheating – how could a street kid know so much? Being desperate, Jamal tells the story of his slum life where he and his brother grew up, adventures on road, and counter with the local gangs. The life story reveals that how he learned the answers.

Although the director is from abroad, most of the characters are from India. Anil Kapoor acted the host of the quiz show. And the whole movie was shot in India, especially in Mumbai. This Four-golden Globes winner movie seems to compete with the others hard to win the Oscar.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Another contestant of Oscar Best Picture is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, acted by Brad Pitt under the direction of David Fincher. Based on a short story of 1921, the plot of this movie is very interesting. Benjamin Button is one who starts aging backwards. He was born as an aged man with several diseases with no chance to survive but survived. The story draws attention when it’s found the Benjamin gets younger with the passage of time. At the ending, he became a teen and then a boy cared by his son. This movie was nominate for Golden Globe award for five categories but didn’t get any. Hope this would fight heavily with the other competitors for winning Oscar.


Frost/Nixon is the movie based on the play by British screenwriter Peter Morgan, on the interviews between David Frost and President Richard Nixon immediately after the Watergate scandal. It is the story of the historic encounter that changed both their lives. This movie is a biographical drama directed by famous director Ron Howard. Frank Langella acted as the President Nixon successfully. This movie was nominated for Golden Globe awards in five categories but won nothing. However it wins three another awards and competes to win the Oscar.

Other than these movies, Wall E is also a competitor. However, we have left out Wall E here as we highlighted it in the last issue. All the above movies of 2008 achieved the love and passion of the moviegoers and now waiting for the recognit
ion. We have to wait till February 22nd to know the Best Picture of 2008

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  1. Nazmaul, ekta khub priyo movie niye tomer montobbo asha korsi. The Big fish (2003), Sony cor. er kora one of the unique movies.

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